A large wave crashing into homes and causing flooding.

Why FAIR Foundation

We are working diligently to create safer, stronger, more resilient communities. Since our communities face critical threats from natural disasters, proactively addressing these issues and preparing in advance for disasters is the only way to provide greater protection and security for our families, homes, and businesses. Together, with our partners and team of experts, the FAIR Foundation accomplishes this mission through education, mitigation, and reducing uninsured risk.

Our Plan

Phase 1 

Achieve the FEMA Moonshot Mission to double the number of properties covered by flood insurance and quadruple mitigation spending
Reauthorize NFIP to include ‘continuous coverage’ for policy holders after leaving NFIP
Ensure that lenders recognize quality private flood insurance products

Phase 2 

Focus on west coast & regions of the country threatened by earthquake
Move towards a single homeowner’s policy that includes flood coverage and all major perils
Require multi-peril coverage for all new federally backed mortgages
Image shows two homes and several trees caught in deep flood waters.
total goal

Campaign Goal

The campaign goal is to raise $5 million over three years to support the Foundation’s missions of education, mitigation, and reducing uninsured risk.  The campaign is the beginning of an “on-going fundraising process” which will supplement grants, government appropriations, and will enable the future growth of the Foundation and the growth of the Foundation’s work.

How We’ll Do It

Educate legislators and policy makers on risk and interventions related to flood, wind, and earthquake perils
Serve as the primary conduit for consumer and legislator education and empowerment related to risk
Promote and pass positive public policy measures related to flood
Protect assets and reduce exposure through promotion of mitigation and resiliency
Reduce uninsured and avoidable risk by promoting “full” coverage and a robust private market for flood and earthquake insurance
Start with common-sense reforms in Florida as proof of concept

Please click here for more information on the Foundation Fundraising Campaign.

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