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Developing Action Plans and Themes for Real Cultural Change

This two day event will provide solutions on how stakeholders can unite to promote consumer education, resiliency through mitigation, improved disaster preparedness, closing the insurance protection gap, and developing action plans and strategies for meaningful progress and cultural change.  Attendees and panels include realtors, emergency managers, engineers, mitigation professionals, insurers and reinsurers, insurance agents, construction and technology companies, and local governments.



General Registration

$325 until March 31, 2020 (save $70)
$395 after March 31, 2020


Government/Non-Profit/Student Registration

$195 until March 31, 2020 (save $100)
$295 after March 31, 2020

Conference topics include the following:

Realtors—The New Flood Insurance Experts?

Property Owners, Insurers, Local, State, and/or Federal Government. Who Owns the Risk?

Resiliency Through Mitigation

NFIP Reauthorization & Reform:

Flood Mapping and Modeling – What changes are on the horizon?

Private Flood Insurance: Then, Now, What’s to Come?

Technology Trends:  Reducing Risk Through Mitigation Technology and Lower Cost Drivers

Emergency Management:  Identifying and Serving At-Risk Populations

Water Pollution: Impacts on Real Estate, Tourism, and Risk Management

Benefit-Cost Analysis:  Floodplain and Sea-level Rise Land Acquisition to Reduce Flood Damage

The Human Nature Challenge:  How People Deal with Low Probability High Impact Events